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ODOO Construction Management ERP

4devnet.com has developed full featured construction management with ODOO ERP in which project planning, task management, yearly and monthly budget management, BOQ, POW, material requisition, commission calculation, asset management, sales of land refund calculation etc etc are involved.



Project Management:
ERP for Construction Management provides tools for creating and managing construction projects, including task scheduling, milestone tracking, and resource allocation. It offers Gantt charts and Kanban views for visual project planning and monitoring.

Resource Planning:
ERP for Construction Management system allows for resource allocation to specific tasks and projects, tracking resource availability, and optimizing resource utilization.

Cost Estimation and Budgeting:
In ERP for Construction Management, users can create detailed yearly and monthly budgets, track expenses, and compare actual costs against planned budgets to ensure project profitability. It is tied together with construction projects so at any point in time, users can raise requests for budget, check the budget variance, and access various reports.

Timesheets and Attendance Tracking:
ERP for Construction Management includes timesheet management features that allow construction workers to record their working hours and attendance accurately. This information can be used for payroll processing, project costing, and performance analysis.

Document Management:
Construction projects involve a significant amount of documentation, including contracts, plans, permits, and reports. ERP for Construction has document management features which enable construction companies to organize, store, and share project-related documents securely.

Equipment Maintenance:
Construction management ERP offers an Equipment Maintenance module that allows construction companies to manage their equipment inventory, track equipment availability, schedule maintenance, and generate maintenance contracts.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):
The CRM module helps construction companies manage relationships with clients, subcontractors, suppliers, and other stakeholders. It provides tools for lead management, opportunity tracking, and customer communication.

Integration with Accounting:
It allows construction companies to manage their financial transactions, invoicing, and reporting within the same system. This integration ensures accurate financial data and streamlines accounting processes.

These key features make Odoo Construction Management ERP an ideal solution for construction companies looking to streamline their operations, improve project management, and enhance overall efficiency.